Wine is an alcoholic beverage obtained by the natural fermentation of the grape juice, the transformation of sugars into alcohol made thanks to yeasts which proliferate from themselves.

In a clear basis, the composition of the grape and thus the wine is constituted mainly of water, sugars, acids and other substances that contribute to the taste and the balance of the wine.

There are many thousands kind of grape varieties worldwide and those used to produce wine are different than table grapes. Most of the varietals used to generate wine are coming from the Vitis Vinifera species and count over 2 000 varieties. However, we can distinguish twenty varieties that can be found in almost every country and on every table.





The principal white grape varieties

Sauvignon Blanc

This type of vine grew up particularly in the Bordelais area and gives excellent results in the Loire Valley with Sancerre wines and Pouilly-Fume.

Other countries: U.S.A, Australia, New-Zealand, South-Africa



Varietal expression

High acidity

Light to medium body usually dry

The varietals expressiveness deeply differ according to the soils, generally speaking; we will retain: Pomelo, green apple, lemon, passion fruit but also blackcurrant bud, fresh grass.


Food matching

When drinking a Sauvignon Blanc, it is best to serve it very cold, around 6ºC. It is a perfect partner for seafood, particularly oysters, carpaccio, smoked fish, salads, grilled or steamed fish, goat cheese and as an aperitif.





The Chardonnay is the most cultivated grape in the world because it gives to wines a fine and fragrant bouquet.

France: Burgundy, Champagne, Languedoc, Loire Valley, Beaujolais.

Other countries: U.S.A, Australia, New-Zealand, South-Africa, South America, Spain, Bulgaria.

Widely grew throughout the world. Prized for its generous flavors and weighty mid-palate.


Varietal expression

Pear, peach, vanilla, coconut, but also fresh butter, nutmeg, toasted bread, honey, depending on the barrel aging.


Food matching:

The temperature of service between 8ºC and 12º C depending on the expressiveness of the wine. Cooked Seafood, fish with creamy sauce, white meats like chicken, veal or pork.

Try it with fish with butter sauce, chicken with mushroom and cream sauce, Char Siu pork.




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