Transport in Saigon has reached a crazy amount, with millions of bikes and car traveling every day. To resolve the problem, the local authority put many efforts in improving public transports, especially bus transport. “It will be bus or motorbike, we must choose one,” said the Professor and Doctor Phạm Xuân Mai of HCMC University of Science and Technology. According to Dr. Mai, the traffic jam occurs many streets of HCMC, especially District 1, and the situation becomes worse due to the increasing number of personal motorbikes. “If we want that public transport works effectively and efficiently, we need to free roads by reducing the number of motorbikes”, he said, “There is just no space for the bus when streets are flooded with motorbikes.” It cannot be denied that it is the most used transport in Vietnam. It’s quick; we can go anywhere, anytime, and it’s very easy to park. However, with the population boom, there are more and more personal cars, and motorbike is gradually losing its advantages because of more traffic jam on the street. As New Year holiday is coming, the traffic turns into a real nightmare with an increase of 20-30% of the motorbikes number. However, the quality and speed of public transport are still in question, preventing people from using it.

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