What do you drink with a spicy meal?

Of course, you can drink a glass of wine or beer with a spicy meal but if you want to enjoy a cocktail, fans often face an enigma when they must choose one without always knowing that cocktail actually blend well with spicy meals. Alcohol increases the spicy sensation, so it is important to choose the right drink to avoid the burning. With all food and drink pairings, the most important is to complement and balance the main taste. A well-chosen cocktail can soothe the burning sensation, provide an excellent refreshment, and add a plus to your food. To avoid bad choices, here are 4 cocktails to match with your favorite spicy bites.



Orchard Gin Collins






This cocktail made with gin, cider and ginger beer goes particularly well with Thai cuisine, or dishes containing red pepper, flavors of lime, and fish sauce.

50 ml Hendrick’s Gin.

25 ml Lemon Juice.

25 ml Cider.

1.5 parts Ginger Beer.

Shake with ice and filter into a glass. Cover with ginger beer.













The raw sugar with the lime contained in a Caipirinha gives the whole drink a sweet taste perfect to calm all the burning sensations without increasing them.

5 cl of cachaça (Brazilian rum)

1 lime

2 to 3 spoons of brown sugar

Crushed ice cubes, cut the lemon into 8 quarters, and pound in a glass with brown sugar. Pour the crushed ice in the glass and mix until the sugar dissolves. Serve immediately.





Zucchini Sake


If you prefer your sushi with a good dose of wasabi, we recommend this delicate cocktail made from sake, zucchini water and lemon. The combination of the fresh and grassy flavor of the zucchini water with lemon and sake gives a surprising result and blends perfectly with raw fish.

For a drink:

Zucchini water

2 teaspoons of lemon syrup

¼ cup of sake

Rinse the zucchini. Place the zucchini in a towel. Squeeze and take the zucchini water. Mix with simple lemon syrup and sake in a shaker with ice. Garnish with a zucchini ribbon.




Milk punch


Spice lovers know that the fat contain in milk helps to neutralize spices. The blend of bourbon, rum, milk, nutmeg prevents this milky classic cocktail from being  boring and bring a slight drunkenness while balancing the spicy flavors.

1 ounce of cognac (or bourbon)

1 ounce of brown rum (or bourbon)

1 teaspoon of sugar

2 dashes vanilla extract (optional)

4 to 6 ounces’ whole milk, to taste

Mix well with ice and filter into a large glass on crushed ice. Sprinkle with nutmeg.



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