There are things men want in women but they will never tell. If you feel to know what makes a man fall for a woman, read on.



A woman with her life

Most of the men appreciate a woman with her set of friends and able to hang out by herself.



A man needs to feel he is your hero! Nothing gives more strength to a man than a woman who makes him feel invincible. Guys typically love admiration, but it has to be sincere for it to work. They seem to have radar to catch any insincere compliment you give them!


Having fun

Men love to be active, to play and they want a woman who is playful. Too many women forget this and want to talk their way into a man’s heart. It’s not your words that make a man attracted to you; it’s the experiences you create for him. He wants to laugh and have fun!



Men are single minded. Let’s say they don’t see things and talks as we do. In a couple, communication is essential, but men like clear and concise messages and women long stories and clues.



They need to feel loved and forgiven. In every man sleep a little boy who sometimes forgets that he is an adult. Be patient and give him some support. Men like and need encouragement. Your belief in him is necessary.


Sweetness and always more sweetness

Men love sweet women, smiling and in a good mood!



They like to feel strong and protective, and they want a partner they can protect. Don’t hesitate to reveal your weaknesses; your imperfections will, even more, seduce him.


Great Sex

A man wants a woman he is sexually intensely attracted to.

Men love sex and love to make love to their partner. They do not wish a woman who gets bored in bed.


Be seductive

They appreciate when the woman takes the time to look her best. So apply some makeup and fix your hair before you see each other.



Men love their freedom. That does not mean they want to be left alone all of the time, but they do like to be able to do things on their own without feeling guilty.

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