Wang Chien-Yang – The rising stars of Taiwan Art scene

Rising stars of Taiwan art scene, the 35-year-old photographer Wang Chien-Yang Bring joy and happiness to his pop and the colorful,  surreal world. Inspired by mangas and Pop culture his work galvanize today the fashion world  Médias and Art communities.  One of his most known photos «  House Party (House 7) has being use as the album’s cover of the French group C2C. Wang’s photo are a match between nude, body painting, drawing, and decor. Each shot is like a theater setting. The artist directs his cast of actors to narrate a story, and the candid Models always on the move, playing, and dancing, bring a joyful impression to his work. The photographer won many international prizes and exposed in Japan, Mexique and United States. Wang is also a painter and a sculptor.

Pics by Wang Chien-Yang

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