The biggest problem of online dating websites is the unequal gender ratio. In most of the countries, the ratio is totally out of balance. Men are frustrated because they have to send hundreds of messages to get at least a few answers, and women are frustrated because they do not know where to take time to read all those messages, and to decide whom to pick out of the mass for a chat.

, the latest online dating site becoming famous in Asia, conducted a survey revealing that Vietnamese men were the 11th most fortunate in online dating because Vietnamese women are the 11th most communicative in the world on online dating sites. So it turns up that Vietnamese men have above average chances to meet a partner online.





In the course of the development of their online platform, they wanted to know in which countries men have the best chances to meet someone from the other gender online. So they signed up with one and the same profile to online dating sites in 60 countries of the world and tried their luck to get in touch with local women.





Criteria which flowed into the results of the study were: if the contacted woman viewed our profile, if she replied, if she replied the second and the third time and if it was possible to exchange more than 4 messages, to know her better. Logical conclusion: the more women of a country who were ready to exchange more than 4 messages, the better chances for men to meet someone in that country online, become friends, or even more. Every country had the same amount of contact trials.

The men’ best countries in the world for online dating are Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana and the Philippines – three African and two Asian countries. The best European country was Ukraine with the 8th place. Brazil with its 25th place turned out to be the most attractive in America. Clearly, the most difficult country a man can choose for online dating is Ireland. Only 6 percent replied to a message. And those were mostly migrants who just moved to Ireland. The chance to meet a native Irish lady through an online dating website was almost zero.





Starting from these deductions, which is the abbreviation for “Will not Go ALone” offers a free and unlimited service for people who want to find a partner, new friends, someone to talk to from around the world, or a native speaker for learning and practicing a foreign language. The main idea is not to search for profiles, though it’s also possible, but rather to post and browse specific activity offers to make it much easier finding people with the same interests and preferences. Because in Wogoal’s point of view, common hobbies and preferences are the best basis for a good and fulfilling friendship or relationship. That’s why the main focus at is not on age, height, weight, skin, eye or hair color, but the activities which people are interested in, and for those, they need someone on their side.

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