Your Vietnamese Food Guide for the North, South, and for everything else in between

August 22,2019





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Among the most varied and sophisticated cuisines in the world, Vietnamese food is the stuff of culinary legend. Its endlessly unfolding complexity is due in part to the S-shaped coastline, its ancient history, a diverse population, and a national heritage richly tangled with other histories and cultures.







Food as a celebration of nature is well and truly at the heart of Vietnamese cooking. Bordering China, Laos, Cambodia, as well as the East Sea and the Pacific Ocean, this S-shaped country is a land of various climates and culinary inspirations. Vietnam recognizes three regional cuisines, all of which draw from a vibrant range of staple ingredients: rice in all its glorious forms (steamed, sticky, congee, noodles, flour rolls, pancakes), fish sauce (lots of it), herbs (cilantro, dill, mint, basil, lemongrass), seafood, pork, beef, chicken, and tropical fruits (papaya, durian, banana, mango, etc.)… Follow the article on  












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