Vietnam is the world’s biggest consumers of digital content. Today, more than half of the country’s population is online. On 1.8 billion images uploaded online every day, 270,000 are images of child sex abuse. 38 % of the abusers are the children’s parents, 26 % are neighbors and family friends. In most cases, the abusers were people with authority over the children, including teachers, school security guards, and relatives.

A new government decision with the objective to provide stronger child protection on the internet will take effect on July 1 in Vietnam. This new regulation will require users to obtain the permission from children or their parents, before sharing information concerning child’s name, age, images, distinguishing features, health conditions, information about the family, relationship, phone numbers, home and school addresses. The government asks to the Businesses offering online services to provide tools for children not to share their personal information and warn them when they are about to access false or malicious content. Parents and children aged from 7 years old will be able to demand authorities and online service providers to remove any private information.




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