Vietnam’s zodiac calendar holds 2017 as the Year of the Rooster, and already many people are turning all over markets to find the rare rooster ment to bring them luck for 2017



Nine-toe chicken





Just like its name, this roaster from Phu Tho Province is a “mutant” in the chicken’s world with his nine-toe in each foot instead of five as normal. He was recognized as a royal chicken during the Hung Kings reigns around 2,800 BC.












The Japanese Onagadori






THE living legend! – Designed “Special natural monument” in Japan, this roster originated from Kochi can cost you up to 65 Million VND (the pair). With white feathers and an extremely long tail, able to reach nine meters he is as fabulous as the king of fools.









British Seabright



If you like small and cute chicken, the British Seabright is the one for you. The weight of a British Seabright male is only around 0.6 kg, while the females reach an average weight of 0.5 kg. Their price is not adapted to their size, as you will have to pay 6 or 7 million VND to get a hand on them.









Unlike the British Seabright, the Brama is one of the biggest chicken in the world. Its weight can reach 18kg, and few hundreds dollars to have it in your home.
















This breed from Malaysia is a perfect choice for anyone who loves to have a special pet in 2017. Breed for over 50 years, the Serama is small, friendly, playful and easy to handle in comparison to any other chickens. However, you should be careful when playing with him as a pair of Serama is worth about 30 million VND per breeding pair, and you surely do not want to see them hurt.





The Black Ayam Cemani Chicken




Directly imported from Indonesia this roster cost about $2.000 a piece.




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