The New Year has come, and a lot of exciting movies are coming on the screen this year, but from now you will have to pay attention on the film rate, as we are going to have a new film system rating in Vietnam in 2017.

According to this new system, Cinema’s films will be classified by age, and divided into 4 categories: normal: movie suitable for all age (P), prohibited films for under 13 years old audiences (C13), prohibited films for under 16 years old audiences (C16), and prohibited films for under 18 years old audiences (C18). The film will be judged on several criteria such as the topic, the language, the film content, the violence level, the nudity, the number of sex scenes, drugs and some other more. As the rate goes up, the level of nudity, violence, sex and others will go higher.

To implement this new system, the Department of Film has requested all Cinema release basis, general description and will announce the film rate to the audiences, as well as checking the age of the audience before selling the ticket. Ngo Phuong Lan, Director of Department of Film, shared that this film classification is based on the Singapore Film Classification. This Singaporean model is the standard Film Classification, which is detailed, strict but suitable to Asian culture as well as in Vietnam. However, it will take time for cinema to be able to control audience age. Generally, it is tough to determine audience’s age so the staffs will have to keep asking people for their ID. This will cause discomfort and slow down the purchase process, which will have negative effect on customer’s satisfaction.

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