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If the flight attendants of the low-cost airline VietJet still do not work in bikini during their flight, the company does not hesitate to renew for the new year his famous Bikini Calendar representing some flight attendants more or less undressed, despite taking the risk to see herself rejected by the customers of the most conservative countries of Southeast Asia.

Of course, none of the models photographed works for the airline. Disguised as PNC,  pilots, mechanics or air controllers, the models dress in Bikini represent ‘The high-quality service of the company and its modern image’, Vietjet spokesman even added that these hot and sexy models have always been popular among Vietnamese passengers. This is not the first time that the Vietnamese airline uses women in Bikini to enlarge its brand image. VietJet had already provoked controversy in Vietnam right after the company’s launch in 2011 when five Bikini-dressed flight attendants took part in a dance in flight, giving to VietJet his nickname ‘Bikini Airline’. The company then did not have the permission of the Vietnam aviation authorities and was fined to pay 20 Million Dong ($900).



Pic VietJet

Today it’s Indonesia, a Muslim country, which worries when Vietjet announced its upcoming flights to Jakarta. Their concerns were so important that the Indonesian Ambassador in Vietnam had to publicly confirm that Jet flight attendants would not wear any bikini. Last week, AirAsia and Firefly also had similar problems in Malaysia, where tight female team uniforms were criticized by Senator Abdullah Mat Y Asim for being ‘too revealing’. The senator then expressed his concern that such sexy uniforms could give tourists a false impression of Malaysia. VietJet has expanded in 6 years its fleet to 54 Airbus A320 and A321, has extended its network to 17 airports in Vietnam and 35 international destinations and will for sure increase his notoriety in the future. VietJet President and CEO Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao is Vietnamese and is one of the few billionaire women in Southeast Asia with a wealth estimated at 1.8 billion US dollars.




Calendar of Vietjet Airlines 2018




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