Vietart Today 2016 is a contest for young and enthusiastic artists, who are seeking for a chance to become famous in Vietnam. The V Art, Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association in co-operation with the Gallery Nguyen hold the competition.

To join the contest, the participants must be under 40 years old (this contest is for young artists, right?). Each artist is encouraged to freely realize paintings by using materials such as Oil colors, Lacquer, Acrylic or Mix-media. There is only one rule you need to follow: be professional, promote creativeness and let your emotions do the work!



artist-1822690_1280If you want to compete, you must prepare 1-2 personal art project (painting series), including 3-10 paintings (60 cm x 60 cm) and submit your work before December 6 – 2016. Remember to join your biography and CV. The first prize winner will receive 100 million VND in cash, a trip to visit the Art fairs in Singapore, a signed an exclusive contract for five years with major donors (Galerie Nguyen). Second and third prizes are worth a total of 2.5 billion VND. Consolation prizes will also be given. Moreover, by joining the competition, you will have a chance to meet Ildegarda E. Scheidegger, Swiss professor with a Ph.D. in Art History, Former Chief of Sotheby’s Art Auction House, three collectors from Singapore, Canada, and Luxembourg, as well as the Chief of HCMC Young Artist Club and much more. Excited? However, if you are not an artist you can still enjoy this adventure by joining Bliss at the Gala Awards taking place in February 2017. See you there!

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Participants should send their works before December 6 – 2016 to the organizing board at

Submissions should include no more than 20 paintings  (60cmx60cm) in Oil, Lacquer, Acrylic or mixed medias.  Twenty collections of paintings will be chosen for the final round on December 10. The works will be displayed at The V Art and Galerie Nguyen (Hanoi).

Submission at:

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