Valentine is coming, and we are all excited about it, especially those lovey-dovey couples. But do you know that this day is not only a special date in Western countries? Asian countries also have their valentine day too. In China, the Valentin day is called the Qixi Festival, is based on a romantic story, and takes place on the 7 the July Lunar calendar each year.
The Qixi Festival comes from a legend of a love story between Niu Lang and Zhinu, a young farmer and a fairy in charge of the women fabric in heaven. In love at first sight, the young couple distracted from their job by their passion, let the buffalos wander in the Jade’s Palace. They will be punished by the Jade Emperor and will be not able to see each other until a year on 7/7 lunar days. Their tears fell on earth and that the reason why this month is usually a rainy day called “Ngau” rain.





Because of this touching story, the Qixi Festival became a special date for young couples. That date is the chance for the Chinese to express their feelings to someone they love, offer gifts and take part into the traditional customs such as hair dye or water splashing.





Many countries in Asia also select the 7/7 lunar day each year as the Valentine day and call it: Tanabata in Japan, Chilseok Festival in Korea, The Saraswati Puja festival in West Bengaliand, Arawng mga Puso, Ngay That Tich in Vietnam. On that day lovers often go to the temple to celebrate and pray for their love life.
Here is the calendar for another sweet day with your beloved.
2017: ‎28 August
2018: ‎17 August
2019: 7 August
2020: 25 August

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