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24 Kilates, the Spanish street wear brand, opened an incredible 38 square meters shop in Bangkok few months ago. What makes it so unique? Barcelona studio External designed the store like a bank vault where shoes are store in vaults, like diamonds holding up to be found. The 24 Pilates Bangkok project is to revolutionize street wear fashion in S.E.A – bringing to Bangkok a fresh new concept store combining street wear with music and lifestyle. Inside, the wall is disguised as a grand vault door – with a giant wheel framing the shop logo. There is also an array of safety deposit boxes lining the walls. To make the vault significantly more extravagant, the group picked an essentially gold shading plan giving the feeling that everything in the shop is made of gold.





The doors can be open and closed in numerous different combinations, creating an ever-changing visual effect. “This helps hide products from customers view for a while, which invites them to discover them. All this confers further magic and uniqueness to the items exhibited,” said the designers. In the shop, additionally to the show range, there is a seating area where clients can try on shoes and a space where they can find other products as Jazzbah Records and lifestyle items. The place also welcomes people for events and parties.



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