Understand what your dog is thinking is the dream of every dog lovers. What does he think when he eats your shoes or bark at you for no reason? Now, you can have the answer with the help of Inupathy – the newest high-tech dog collar allowing you to “visualized” his emotions. In other words, you now have an “X-men” ability and can read your pet’s mind!

Inupathy is the combination of “insight” and “empathy,” and just like its name says it, this magic collar lets you discover all your doggy’s secrets. A heart rate monitor and a set of LED light of different colors indicate his mood. You will see red flashes every time you’re back home, as your dog is excited, turn white when he concentrates on something, probably your Hot dog, and if you cannot resist to his goo-goo eyes and let him have a bite, lights will flash with rainbow colors showing he is happy.




Pic Inupathy


On top of that, the producer also releases a smartphone App going with Inupathy collar. How does it work? The App gets all information about the dog heart rate, his general health, and his mood, and provides you various kinds of fun activities in function of his condition. If you want to get a hand on this irresistible device, it will cost you about $200, but it can “visualize” your dog’s feelings, what no other expensive smart Apps of yours can do, so why not?

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