You dreamed about it, and Tweexy did it. No more shaking or incessant back and forth between the nail polish bottle and you. With Tweexy wearing nail polish is not a nightmare anymore. Gone the hours spent to try to display your nail polish correctly! This little gadget in silicone, designed by Liz and Mark, an American couple based in South Carolina is going to simplify your manicure.





How does it work?  You can slip Tweexy over your two fingers, like a ring. Place the nail polish bottle in the space provided for that and start your manicure. This accessory, designed to be stable, should according to the brand, accept all forms of bottles as it’s made of a very flexible material. Discreet, light and easy to carry, it is now possible to get your manicure anywhere and anytime! Tweexy in available in Bombon pink, green or blue color.


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