Last week, the research team headed by Prof Dr. Saisamorn Lumyong, Dr. Nakarin Suwannarach and Dr. Chaturong Khumla from Department of the Biology Chiang Mai University started to freak out because usually, the truffle is not meant to grow in a tropical land and with a tropical weather and is normally found in Europe. But yes, after testing their DNA they had to confirmed that truffles found correspond to the tuber Magnatum the White truffle, growing in Italy. The Tuber Magnatum is not the first truffle found in Thailand as the first one was the Tuber Thailanddicum discovered in 2014, the second one the Tuber Lannaense in 2015 but the ones found this year belongs to one of the most gustative and expensive truffles species.





There are 81 varieties of truffles, and the Tuber Melanosporum, the queen of the truffles and the Brumale Tuber, are the most requested in gastronomy. Not many differences do you think? The first is worth $1200 per kilo and the second $600 per kilo when the Tuber Magnatum, the White truffle from Alba in Italy cost between $6000 and $8500 per kg. A luxury product in all cases but they don’t have the same perfume, the same taste and nor the same use.

The truffle is a rare fungus born and who develops underground until maturity. It is usually found beneath a tree and more particularly under an oak tree with which it maintains a kind of association called SYMBIOSIS. The truffle needs a unique limestone soil and a cold and dry climate to see the day and that explains why founding some truffles in a tropical country is a first. Scientists could explain it by the fact that the weather is cooler and wetter in the north Thailand forests and so more suitable for growing truffles. In the meantime, The scientific team is now studying whether it is possible to develop a truffle farm in Thailand or not…



Scientists discover: Two new types of truffle have been unearthed in the northern tip of Thailand – Science & More




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