Victoria & Abdul – CGV Cinema

Release date: From Nov 24, 2017

Genre: Drama

Cast: Judi Dench, Ali Fazal, Tim Pigott-Smith

Director: Stephen Frears

Language: English with Vietnamese subtitle

Trailer HERE


The extraordinary true story of an unexpected friendship, at the end of the reign of Queen Victoria. When Abdul Karim, a young employee, travels from India to participate in Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, he is surprised to get granted favors by the Queen herself. While the queen wonders about the constraints inherent in her long reign, that she is a tired old woman, depressed, who suffers from morbid obesity, she must be rolled on her bed like a carpet to be able to get up; this young Indian valet subjugates her. Abdul, a modest paper scraper at Calcutta Prison, will become the Empress of India’s language teacher, and much more: a spiritual guide and even an elixir of youth. The two characters will form an improbable alliance, show a great mutual loyalty that the Queen’s family and her close entourage will do everything to destroy. As the friendship grows, the Queen will regain her joy and humanity. Queens of England succeed to Stephen Frears. After Elizabeth II in The Queen (2006), the end of Victoria’s reign inspired him a new charge against the British monarchy. A biting satire adorned with Romanesque and luxurious attires … Royal!






GalaxyBHD CGV Cinema

Release DateFrom 03.11.2017 To 17.11.2017

GenresMystery, Crime

ActorMatt DamonJulianne MooreOscar Isaac

DirectorGeorge Clooney

Trailer HERE 


Suburbicon is a quiet little residential town with affordable homes and immaculately manicured lawns, the perfect place for a family life. During the summer of 1959, all residents seem to live their American dream in this parcel of paradise. The arrival of the first African-American couple in the area, will trigger hysteria, shake the foundations of this balanced microcosm and will monopolize the attention on a false problem when madness is somewhere else. Welcome to Suburbicon!

Presented at the official Venice Film festival selection,  Suburbicon is a thriller/comedy mixing genres, between crime and political-social satire, between squeaky laughter and violent thriller. While the entire city of Suburbicon is busy accusing black people with apriori, the horror gain in the white neighborhood, where no one is watching. Through this double-story, between ubiquitous comedy and black crime, George Clooney, the director,  shows that the worst criminal enterprises are not necessarily where Apriori is. If the style used is deliberately delusional, parodying the American black thillers of the 50s, the subject is serious and more than ever relevant. With Suburbicon, the actor-director signs his sixth film, based on a Coen brothers’ scenario, his faithful friends, and accomplices.





Blade Runner 2049

Galaxy Cinema

Release Date: From 19.10.2017 To 09.11.2017

Genres: MysterySci-Fi

Cast: Ryan GoslingHarrison FordJared Leto

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Trailer HERE


The first Blade Runner was a masterpiece and an absolute reference for science fiction lovers. The cult raised by Ridley Scott’s first Blade Runner in 1982 is still today undeniable. The film was seen as a landmark because it shifted the cinema into a new style of images, composite, hybrid, prefiguring the era of the « all-visual » setting the scene to the rank of full-fledged character. Rainy and sticky, the film described in the manner of the 1940s black movies the investigation of a private tracker in a dehumanized 2019 Los Angeles.

It took thirty-five years to see a second Runner Blade. The challenge was hard to take up and the second Blade Runner is now here on our screens. We are in 2049. Since the previous history, society has become even more rigid and codified. A new, powerful company, the Wallace Corporation, led by a blind demiurge, perfected the development of “replicants,” those almost human androids. While waiting to know if these new exceptional slaves are competent, some old replicants are considered dangerous. In charge of tracking them down and eliminating them, the elite officer K become a “blade runner” in the service of Special Task Forces.

Love, memory, history, are the melodramatic and intimate challenges of Blade Runner 2049 directed by the Canadian Denis Villeneuve. The idea? Go entirely against current blockbusters today films, with their frenetic and spectacular effects. And it works ‘s  because Blade Runner 2049 captivates with its plastic and architectural inventiveness. The whole is solemn, very dark, plunged into the night with references to Stanley Kubrick and Fritz Lang. Villeneuve takes us into a futuristic world, in a cold Los Angeles surrounded by fog and snow. A beautiful allegory of a broken dream.



Ciel Rouge

Lotte – CGV

Release date: From 27/10/2017 to 03/11/2017

Genre: Romance

Cast: Cyril Descours, Audrey Giacomini

Director: Olivier Lorelle

Language: French with Vietnamese subtitle

Trailer HERE 


The screenwriter of Indigenes in 2006, Olivier Lorelle made his first directorial debut with Ciel Rouge. Filmed in Vietnam, the film started at the beginning of the war in Indochina in 1946. A young Frenchman get to an unknown country made of dense forests and spectacular mountains: Vietnam. His ideals collapse when he understands that he must torture and kill a young Vietminh fighting for his independence. He decides to escape with her on an unpredictable trip to the heart of the jungle. Left to their own, they will discover who they are and will try to live an impossible love story during a war.




Only the brave


Release date: From 2017/10/20

Genre: Drama

Cast: CastJennifer Connelly, Taylor Kitsch, Josh Brolin

Director: Joseph Kosinski

Language: English with Vietnamese subtitles

Trailer HERE


Based on the true story of the Hotshots of Granite Mountain, a group of elite firefighters risks everything to protect a city from a historic forest fire. In 2013, the elite firefighters of Prescott, Arizona, are called upon to fight massive forest fires not far from the city. They are twenty firefighters. Ordinary guys from America who reply quickly when duty calls them and turn them into anonymous heroes. The story of Only the Brave focuses mainly on few of them. Director Joseph Kosinski (Oblivion, Tron: Legacy) describes here how the esprit de corps of an elite squad is created, and the techniques these firefighters use to contain forest fires. Kosinski has so far favored extravagance in sci-fi movies, but Only the Brave is a wise film still visually impressive, depicting solitary wolves and the way they practice a scary job. Although the film pays tribute to simple men and their heroism, that the story is not new, the film gives us a proper look at the community, bravery, and dependence.





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