Relationship problems. Everybody has them, but some obvious little things can cause deep rifts. Do you want to be a Master and not a Disaster? So take a deep breath and enjoy it!



Contempt is the number one factor that tears couples apart. Focusing on criticizing what his partner is doing, sees negativity when it is not there, damage the relationship by making his partner feel worthless and invisible. That kills the love in the relationship, but also kill the partner’s ability to do better.



We hate people who dramatize for everything, but we have to admit it sometimes, it’s what we also do. He does not respond to our call within 10 minutes, and we find that properly inconceivable! Well, that attitude is not going to help us! Let’s try to not overreact to unimportant things we can easily solve.





Being possessive and Jealous

Jealousy is about how secure and confident you are with yourself and your relationship.

Men and women both experience jealousy, but their reactions differ. Men get defensive or angry, believing the relationship isn’t worth it. Women, on the other hand, respond by trying to improve it.


Being a Barbie girl

Play the Barbie in distress can be cute. Men love it because it is top for their ego, they like to know we need them. But to be with a silly girl in public is not very sexy for a man and he knows it. Men prefer independent women. The opposite is also true. Women get quickly tired of men playing regularly to be a Macho!


Talk about the past

You have the right, of course, to discuss your past but do it with moderation. Try not to idealize this period and to not talk about it all evening. For the other one you are his future and past should be a closed file.






A man does not like to realize we lied to him. So why doing it? Communication is as essential as honesty is. Be yourself because that is the only way to build a solid relationship.


Be the stronger one

Too often, we ask ourself who is the strongest one in the relationship. A couple is a team, and everyone has the right to exist. Share with honesty what you think but also, pay attention to what the other one is thinking.



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