In honor of the year of the dog, let’s have a look at some of the Asian breed dogs!



The Phu Quoc Ridgeback or Phu Quoc dog

The Phu Quoc Ridgeback or Phu Quoc dog is one of the three dog races in the world carrying a ridge of spiky hairs, like a sword all along the spine and to have webbed feet. Its origin is uncertain and its provenance remains a mystery. According to the legends, it would be wild dogs native to Phú Quôc, formerly a deserted island, and domesticated by the first inhabitants. Another legend says that Phu Quoc’s dogs are the descendants of island jackals and fu-dogs, the mythical dragon dogs whose portraits guard the entrances to Chinese temples. Another claims that Emperor Gia Long went to Phu Quoc. There, a dog helped him to hide and, as payment, the king put his sword on the dog’s back. That’s why the crests of Phu Quoc’s dogs look like swords. Some other even say they may come from Africa through trade or come from the north-east of Thailand. Who knows? Good swimmers and good runners, the Phú Quôc’s dogs are faithful, intelligent and friendly with their hosts. They have the reputation to be 4 times smarter than shepherd dogs and can hunt animals such as deer or wild boar. They even know how to look for medicinal plants to heal wounds caused by hunter traps or by snake bites. They were formerly used by the army of the Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945). Today, purebred dogs are mixed to obtain new color coats.





The Formosan Mountain Dog

The Formosan Mountain Dog or Taiwanese Native Dog is as its name suggests it a mounting dog native to Taiwan. He is an always healthy, robust and athletic dog who learns quickly and makes a good companion. Strong in temperament and quite stubborn, he needs early training and firm owners because he considers himself primarily a pack leader. It is primarily used for hunting, guarding and rescue.





The Blue Thai Ridgeback

Originally from Thailand, the Blue Thai Ridgeback is an ancient breed also known as TRD, Mah Thai, Thai Dog, and Mah Thai Lung Arn. This dog can wear 3 different colors: red, black and blue and is usually streaked along the back. They are strong, brave, healthy and calm dogs that have been used for generations as a hunting companion. They are also good watchdogs.





The Hmong Dog

Hmong dogs or Hmong Docked Tail Dogs get their name from Vietnam’s Hmong culture, where they are used for livestock protection and as hunting companions. Originating from a primitive ancient race whose origin is uncertain, they remained unchanged by humans and are therefore close to ancestral wolves. Born with short tails naturally “anchored”, long straight and muscular legs they have a thick fur in shades of black, brownish red, black and white and brindle. Highly resistant, they can easily adapt to different weather conditions. They are very loyal but one of their only weak point is their deep hate for cats.



The Telemian

Originally from Malaysia, near the tropical forest where snakes, scorpions, poisonous insects, ants and hungry mammals are, the Telemian was first raised by natives to hunt small prey and has developed a rare ability to climb trees. Today, very few original Telemians still exist and the breed is identified as endangered.






The Pashmi Hound

The Pashmi Hound comes from the village of Paschmi in India. Also known as Mudhole or Caravan, the Pasmi Houd is an athletic and strong hunting dog that was bred to hunt bears, foxes, gazelles, wildcats, and groundhogs. Intelligent and affectionate they are generally friendly with strangers, get along well with other pets and love being with family members.






The Nippon Terrier

The Nippon Terrier is a rare Japanese dog, also known as the Japanese Terrier. This dog is short, muscular and athletic and has excellent hunting skills. It is almost impossible to find it out of Japan.





The Bac Ha Dog

Highly prized for being very intelligent and easy to train, the Bac Ha Dog is the Vietnamese dog known par excellence for its brave nature and is generally used as a watchdog. Coming from an old dog breed from northern Vietnam where the temperature can be rough, it has a very thick fur in the colors of black, gray, beige and brindle. Bac Ha breeders do not recommend to take these dogs in southern Vietnam because of the intense heat and humidity that could cause him severe skin rashes and fur loss.



The Sarail Hound

The Sarail Hound is a hunting dog breed from Bangladesh. The story of the breed is blurred. They are thought to be Indian Rampur dogs mixed with local primitive dogs and are considered excellent for hunting deer and hare and for protection against jackals and wolves.




The Xiasi Quan Gold Bai Long Quan

Medium-sized hunting dogs, the Xiasi Quan is from Xiasi, Majiang City Guizhou Province, China. They are healthy, robust and intelligent dogs with good hunting and guarding instincts. They have an excellent sense of smell and impressive speed and stamina. The Xiasi Quan is a respected dog in China and is supposed to bring wealth to the family.




The Indochina Dingo

Indochina dingo is a primitive race originating from the mountainous regions of Vietnam. Dogs are usually raised by ethnic minorities to monitor the house and hunt. It usually has a yellow and black color. Dogs must have four legs of white hair and a bulbous tail with a white tip. Although their origin is unclear, legend says they are the result of a cross between primitive Asian dogs and native wild dogs from Vietnam.


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