Choker and metal jewellery



Pic Amaya


Choker has made a storm in the fashion world in 2016, and it is still a “cool” accessory for your collection. However, 2017 is the time to say goodbye to the choker and welcome a brand-new trend: metal jewellery. They are subtle, highly applicable and suitable for many styles and outfits, which make them a must-have for your collection in the upcoming year.



Custom accessories will be part of history, at least in 2017






2017 will celebrate creativity to get you pumped up and stylish. To refresh your style personalize your silhouettes like a full-fledged fashion designer. Match the colors and materials to create that one of a kind something you love, and you can rest assure that no one will be wearing the same outfit than you.







The Velvet in 2017 is glamorous and sophisticated



Pic Animal Fall





Velvet will be a new trend in 2017. It will bring elegance, glamor, and subtlety for your “future collection.”













Seaside stripes








Bold, bright, and brilliantly textured, spring’s stripes are a jolt of energy in a sea of classic Bretons.



















Pic Berry




You thought you could not wear bright colors anymore? Well, think again. In 2017 Designers dipped their toes back into fluorescent colors and there is an option for everyone, no matter your skin tone.














White shirt dress





White dresses are back. You don’t like to spend hours to get dressed in the morning. Toss on a fancy white dress and you’re good to go.



All Tied Up



Pic Zara



In 2017 Laces are no longer just for your sneakers but also for your clothes!















Padded shoes give way to classic high heel shoes



Pic Misssuided




Padded shoes are a great selection for any girl, especially if you are a sporty and active one. However, it is tough to find a perfect match for your padded shoes. So, it is easy to see why the high heel classic one are back on trend: easy to mix with every outfit and never goes out of fashion.








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