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The Saigonese loves to drink; the Saigonese loves to eat and especially to brunch! So, if you want to see him in full decompression rite enjoying the weekend, slip to the Social Club restaurant and observe: the Saigonese is there. With his family, his lover, his friends, he left his natural habitat and braved the urban jungle’s vagaries to go and feast for brunch, the favorite meal of the Sunday morning late riser.

On Sunday, for its brunch, the Social Club restaurant on the 23rd floor of the MGallery Hotel, displays its charms, with arty and mini sweet – salty savories, hot and cold gastronomic preparations and a lot more.

We love to have a drink at the Social Club during the week but also brunch on Sunday while enjoying DJs spinning our favorite tune. The place is the cute little nugget of Saigon, elegant, cozy and healthy, where it is good to spend a good part of his day. The Social Club is like a lighthouse in the hungry morning of the one who is looking for his Sunday brunch!



Pics Social Club


From one buffet to another, signed by the Chef Anne Cécile Degrenne, the mastermind behind the Social Club’s exquisite culinary creations, there is a clash of savory flavors, including cold compositions of seafood from here and there, but also several hot dishes featuring meat and fish, fragrant truffle risotto, unforgettable cheeses and a congregation of nano patisseries to end the weekend smoothly. Obviously, you will crack for the French Claire oysters, lobsters and Alaskan king crab legs which, we must admit, are quite incredible. All with free flow of champagne, wine and divers alcohol. You will come out with a full belly and a smile on your face, revealing an absolute satisfaction. There is no need anymore to say, the brunch at the Social Club is impressive!



Sunday Brunch at Social Club Restaurant


The service is impeccable, and the Resident Manager Matthieu Busschaërt and all his staff, but particularly Steven Matthews F&B traînee coming from Ferrandi the famous Gastronomy school in Paris show a rare competence.

The decoration Designed by the renowned Japanese design firm Super Potato, and the panoramic view from every table make you feel to spend the afternoon there, and to fancy to take a new aperitif when the evening is coming, to not be separate from this indispensable lux.





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