According to the latest data released by the APEC Policy Support Unit,  Vietnam appears to be one of the leading countries in Asia Pacific for the number of women  majored in Science and Technology, engineering or math (STEM) at the university level. 21 Countries were examined, and Vietnam was ranked fourth with women accounting for 41 percent of all STEM graduates, after Brunei, Malaysia, and Singapore.

In 2016 Five Vietnamese female scientists were honored under the L’Oreal – UNESCO For Women in Science program held in Hanoi. Globally The situation is improving every year, and the gender gap in the sciences has undoubtedly narrowed, but still, women remain underrepresented in the sciences domain, especially at its upper echelons. In the US, for example, women account for roughly half of science and engineering doctorates, but make up only 21 percent of full science professors and 5 percent of full engineering professors. And even if sexism is condemned, today in the world, implicit gender bias continues to affect how often women are hired and how much they are paid. This problem isn’t confined to men, studies have shown that women are just as likely to show implicit bias against their own gender.



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