Doksuri is the name of this giant Typhoon hitting Vietnam this week end with wind speeds possible around 150km/h. It’s the ten storm to form in the south China see this year, and it will be the strongest. Indeed for the first time in history, the National Center for Hydrometeorology forecasting in Vietnam has raised the alert level to be red, just under the purple alert issued for a disastrous situation.  The hardest hit is expected in the area from Quan Ninh Province to Hue, but all coastal provinces are also in danger. They have already closed beaches an ban shore fishing as waves of more than 10 m is expected with a sea level rise of 2-3 m.

In parallel,  the typhoon Talim (category 4-5), with winds exceeding 200 Km/h is expected in the next 24 h hitting  Taiwan, South Eastern China, and Japan with floods destructive winds. Talim should have the same strength, intensity and destructive power as Hurricane Irma.  Chinese authorities started to evacuate from today half a million people as most of the person affected by the typhoon in China live in areas prone to flooding, landslides, and dwellings where the land is not resistant enough to support flooding.



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