There’s no such thing as a good escape game to challenge your skills. What’s the challenge? Get together with a team of your friends (2 to 6 persons), solve the clues and get out of a room within 60 minutes. To spice things up, several different ambiances are available, and you will have the choice between horror, polar and fantasy.






The aim of this game is to test your problem solving, perceptive and logical skills and you will need all your conversation and working in synergy to unravel a series of mysteries.










The Escape games all started in 2005 with Toshimitsu Takagi, the Japanese creator of Crimson Room and QP-Shot games. Young Japanese and Hong Kong people were the first to bring these games to life in 2006 at parties or bars. Today they became a craze and expanded all over Asia and Europe.





So do you think you can puzzle your way out of a locked room in less than an hour without other people advice? Bring along your friends or family and prove who is the smartest!




Info and booking on TicketBox


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