The concept of ‘cute and scary’ is the latest fashion in Thailand. A type of ‘Ultra realism’ inspired by Thai cuisine, proposed by one of the main designer Tistgraphy, representing pillows, shoes, keychains in the shape of mackerel, shrimp, oyster, squid, sushi and various dishes noodles.

The brand launched by Morakot Chomboon and his boyfriend Nawaporn Thanmarutwipark was primarily limited to dog-themed decors before spreading to food. They wanted a new design that would impress people and started to print Thai dishes on pillows like fried mackerel. The material used is high-quality polyester, perfect for transfer printing and which maintains a very beautiful color brightness. Filled with synthetic fibers, they also last longer.




Other brands propose also shoes you can find in different markets of the city, and brand like Kabkao Pillow, offers grilled crab-shaped pillows, fried eggs, and sticky mango rice, as well as hardwood beds, fried rice, pad Thai accessories online or in their shop located in the Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok. Bon appétit!



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