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Yes, indeed, we talked a lot about Japan this week, but when it’s about Japan, it’s never enough. Their last obsession: raising funds to buy an uninhabited island where cats can freely live. The initiative came from the Neco Republic, an animal welfare organization which runs a well-known chain of rescue cat cafes. The Kitty Paradise project received positive feedback from many people which prompted the head Asaka Nakama, to make the campaign a reality. The organization is looking for a total amount of 22 billion yen to materialize the plan. This wouldn’t be just another island for cats where they roam the street but an island where they would occupy a high social status, and where they could get the proper medical care they need to live happily, and healthy lives. So if you’re interested in the project you can contact Neco Republic “Kitty Paradise” on Kibidango , In Japanese only.



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