Las week the Chinese police arrested a man with 24 of his complices in the Anhui Province for trafficking at least 14 Vietnamese women from Vietnam to the southern Chines province of Yunnan.

The man had been told to go to Yunnan to look for trafficked Vietnamese woman waiting to be sold as brides. After choosing his wife, he paid for 13 others and sold them to other men living in his neighborhood for a profit. Each victim cost around US$9.000. Four of the girls were only 13 years old.

Last December the Chinese police officers already rescued ten victims and send back four minors to Vietnam. The six others women choosed to stay with the families that had bought them.

In 2007, the vietnamease government approved the China National Plan of Action on Combating Trafficking in Women and Children to combat trafficking and safeguard the legal rights of women and children but the subsequent increase and the 2,300 kilometers of land border between both countries became even more busier, porous, and harder to monitor.

Poverty in rural Vietnam motivated some Vietnamese women to seek better opportunities in China. Some of them are tricked into China with promises of better-paying jobs or marriage, while others, working in the border areas, are quite literally grabbed and kidnapped.

Chinese traffickers, use the economic vulnerabilities of the young women, and sometimes children. Vietnamese women and girls are forcibly sold as brides. Most of the time not legally married they have no rights or privilege. Others less fortunate are sold for prostitution. It is important to note that the flow of traffic is not limited to mainland China but also Taiwan, Malaysia, Cambodia etc..

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