The InterestingsThat summer, six teenagers in an arty summer camp called Spirit-in-the-wood, become inseparable friends.

Years after, the bond remains powerful, but so much else has changed. Life, alas, had other plans.

Jules, a comic actress, resigns herself to a more practical life. Jonah a gifted musician stop playing the guitar and becomes an engineer and Ethan and Ash, now married become shockingly successful. The friendships is still there but underscore the differences in their fates. In his book, Meg Wolitzer sees the world through a wide-angle lens and explores the meaning of talent, the nature of envy, the role of class, the power of money, and friendship. How all of it can be a shift and tilt precipitously over the course of a friendship and a life.

The Interestings is a beautiful book, subtle and intelligent, written with precision and elegance with warmth and emotion. The interestings – Meg Wolitzer – Published 2013 – Riverhead

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