Here comes the weekend and your looking for a destination not far from HCMC where you could recharge your batteries, relax and enjoy green scenery and nature? Tra Su is the right place for nature lovers. Well known for its ecological richness as well as its wild beauty, the cajeput forest of Tra Su is an ideal destination in Chau Doc-An Giang province in the Mekong Delta, only 250 km from Ho Chi Minh City.





After 1975, the authorities and residents of An Giang province reforested the area and built a 12km long dike to prevent the flooding. Tra Su became then, a natural reserve, preserving hundreds of plants and animals in the region. In this green kingdom, the Cajeputarie, a tree native from India, recognized in the past for his precious oil used in pharmacy, is the most widespread plant species. Each tree can measure from 5 to 10 meters and is often over ten years old. The Cajeputaries line Tra Su’s paths, forming large green domes above, protecting the species living in the area from the intense rays of the tropical sun, preserving then a fantastic ecosystem. The forest welcomes more than 140 botanic species including 22 tree species, 25 type of bush, ten creepers, 70 variety of herbs, 13 different species of aquatic plants, 22 of ornamental plants, 9 of fruit trees and many valuable medicinal plants.





Tra Su is also called the “Bird Park” because homing more than 70 species of birds but is also homing 11 mammal families, 25 different type of reptiles and amphibians and many other nautical species. Once you arrive in Tra Su, take a pirogue ride through the forest. It has been named the “green path” because covered with hyacinths, making the trip velvety, charming and romantic. The best time to travel to Tra Su is from September to November, where the canals are full of water making the boat tours easier. From Ho Chi Minh many buses are leaving for Tra Su, and in less than 3 hours between green nature, bamboo houses and a fantastic ecosystem, you will feel literally conquered and totally recharged.




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