IKEA is famous for its inexpensive, modern furniture, its Swedish kippers, and its deranging assembly instructions but the company has also recently partnered with the Toronto base advertising agency Leo Burnett to create « Cook this page » a promotional item for Ikea’s new Kitchen.

« Cook this page » is a collection of recipes printed on parchment paper allowing people to place the required ingredients on similar images stenciled onto parchment paper, fold it up and put it in the oven to bake. Of course, the bakeable sheets, feature spaces only for Ikea ingredients.





« Cook this page » allows you to cook healthy because the food is steamed inside the “bag and the mess is contained to a parchment paper that can get tossed away quickly.

Cook This Page was a promotional item for Ikea’s recent Ikea Kitchen Event in Canada and is not yet available in stores.

For Ikea aficionados, they might be selling their furniture on Amazon soon!

Pic Leo Burnett

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