For those of you who have not yet heard about it, the second edition of the Holistic Fair organized by La Holista is coming up this Sunday, March 5th, 2017 at EtonHouse E-Maison International Pre-School – Thao Dien, District 2, HCMC from 9.30 Am to 18.30 Pm.

As usual, many holistic vendors will be present for this edition such as farmers, wellness practitioners, sports advocates and trainers, health foods promoters, kids and community outreach initiatives. Throughout the day there will also be demos, classes and talks, including a live video-conference talk and Q&A session with the internationally recognised lecturer, physician, and founder of Dr. Michael Greger about the benefits of whole foods, plant-based, healthy diet and the harms of eating animal products. Today we meet Chiara, one of the event’s organizers.


Bliss: Chiara, What is The Holistic Fair, and what is its goal?

Chiara: The Holistic Fair is a community event where people can come and learn more about natural ways to be healthy or showcase their holistic products and services. It’s a place for families and healthy living enthusiasts eager to spend a day out having fun without having to drink or eat junk food. Being healthy is much more than food; exercise, spirituality and healthy relationships are as important as the food we eat to be truly healthy and happy. We want to create a space where the community can come and discover new disciplines, while at the same time supporting local businesses. Our objective is to bring together all holistic health providers from Saigon and eventually Vietnam to this fair – this year we have two vendors coming from Danang, including Naman Retreat who is our main sponsor!






Bliss: It seems that the 2nd edition is going to be a little more focused on animal welfare with the attendance of Dr. Michael Greger. Why did you focus this year on the animal condition? Do you think the Vietnamese public will be sensitive to it?

Chiara: We truly believe that a healthy diet doesn’t have to include animal products, and so does Dr. Michael Greger. We are so thrilled he could make time for us! Many people are very rational and need scientific proofs before making a switch, so we’re very happy to have someone of his caliber answering our participants’ questions. We will have a lot of delicious plant-based foods for all to enjoy in our Food & Drinks Corner this year, including sorbets, snacks, smoothies, and also Indian meals from our sponsor “Baba’s Kitchen”. “Body and mind balance” will be in the spotlight with practitioners such as acupuncturists, reflexologist, masseurs, yoga / Pilates / Qi Gong experts, sport event promoters, counseling, yoga philosophy, meditation, breathing, and running and triathlons talks.


Bliss: As usual, many vendors will be at the rendezvous. How do you choose partners (local businesses, vendors…) to feature your event? What are your criteria to assess their eligibility/quality?

Chiara: We are trying to cover all areas of healthy living, and it seems like there’s a lot going on in Saigon, just not very linked to each other. To tell you the truth, we have enough high standards and require certifications and proof of quality for our partners’ products; we are very lucky to attract many people that are serious and passionate about what they do and who never let us down.


Bliss: What will be the biggest challenge this year, towards reaching your goal?

Chiara: We booked the tables very quickly, and we are so grateful to have the support of “Naman Retreat”, all the way from beautiful Danang, so on that side, we’ve been incredibly blessed. The challenge is to get the local community to support the event, especially Vietnamese; many people complain that there are not many healthy living events happening in town but then don’t really support activities when they do happen, even when they are free, like our Holistic Fair. I hope we will have many more attendants this year and can have a successful day for everybody involved.


Bliss: Is there anything else about the event that you’d like us to know?

Chiara: The fair will be longer and last until around 18.30 Pm, and there will be many more classes, talks, and demos than last year. We have quite a few returning vendors – selling organic foods, essential oils, Tibetan products, also an alkaline water provider, and repeat events from last years such as a bike ride from D7 and a run around Thao Dien. We also have a lot of new vendors and activities. Check our list of vendors and activities schedule on our event Facebook page @Holistic Fair 2017 for more details. We are very excited about Sunday, hope to see you numerous!


Holistic Fair

March 5th, 2017 from 9.30 Am to 18.30 Pm. –  EtonHouse E-Maison International Pre-School – Thao Dien, District 2, HCMC.


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