Hat Boi

The Hat Boi, the Vietnamese classical Theater/ Opera, the favorite activity of Vietnamese royalty in the 13th century and the Bai Choi a Vietnamese performance played during every spring festival around 400 years ago, are 2 of the most famous traditional arts of Vietnam.



Hat Boi

The Binh Dinh’s People’s Committee has established a new plan to protect and promote the value of those cultural heritages. Their key mission: research, collect, evaluate and preserve the unique values of Hat Boi and Bai Choi, teach them to the communities, schools, and universities, restore and maintain their historical plays and activities.



The Bai Choi

Although the Hat Boi’s artists in Binh Dinh are still on top of their career, the majority of them are almost 50 years old and will retire in a very near future, which make the planned event more important. These two traditional arts will be proposed by Vietnam as intangible heritage of humanity to UNESCO by 2020.



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