Asia holds numerous unforgettable treasures: Temples, National Parks or fantastic cities. Here is a non-exhaustive and subjective list of the greatest classified sites of Asia.


Angkor – Cambodia

Angkor is one of the main archeological sites of South East Asia. It hosts vestiges from different Khmer Empire capitals including the very famous Angkor Vat Temple. You will never forget it whether you decide to wander it on foot, in a jeep, or even on horses.


Royal Tombs of Joseon Dynasty – South Korea

The Royal Tombs of Joseon Dynasty are a 40 tombs collection, built over a period of five centuries and ornamented with beautiful stones. In the past, these tombs aimed to honor the ancestors’ memory, to show royal authority and to protect from the evil spirits. All of this! These monuments were placed in some remarkable natural beauty sites and will leave you a long-lasting memory.


Halong Bay  – Vietnam

That is a must-see in Vietnam and no need to spend time explaining to you why. The only thing we can tell you is: go there and admire this beautiful watery area in the Tonkin Gulf and its numerous karstic islands. Well, we finally told you why. And to support our saying, just have a look at the picture!

What about Halong Bay?


The historic city of Sukhothai  – Thailand

Sukhothai was once the capital city of the first Siam Kingdom and still has numerous remains from it. Its architecture is composed of a combination of influences and traditions, which makes it unique in Thailand and explains why it deserves its classification as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Komodo National Park  – Indonesia

The funniest of the list: a population composed of 5000 giant lizards, the well-known “Komodo dragons”, inhabits its volcanic islands. As a result, if you go, you’d rather sleep in bed, which is on stilts. More seriously, only this island offers you chance to meet these dragons, and it is amazingly wonderful. Just have a look at the picture!

If you want to see the famous dragons, you may need this information: The best period to go to Indonesia is from April to October.

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