There are companies in Vietnam whose activity might seem surprising. Those who excel in the organization of false marriages. They sell their services to save appearances. We do not joke in Vietnam with marriage, and real young couples are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to rent actors who pretend to be their parents, aunts or uncles, in order to avoid the problem when their families disapprove their union. These companies do not hesitate to charge for services up to 4,000 USD to supply guests and to organize the party. They can be called in different cases. For example for a pregnant young woman without a husband who does not want to overwhelm with shame his family. So for a certain amount the company organizes a false marriage. In fact, the young woman and her husband are never legally married, and only the parents know it. The only important thing is that they played the game in front of friends and family the day of the ceremony, even if afterward the young woman raises her child alone, or divorce shortly after the wedding. For other couples, reasons can be different. When one side of the family does not want the wedding, the couple still gets married but rent father, mother, uncles, and aunts, to replace the part of the family who disagrees and this one will never know that their son or daughter got married behind their back.

In countries such as Vietnam where customs and traditions are important, it is sometimes difficult to assume for the young generation the choice of their heart.Of course, under the surface of a conservative society, social norms evolve, but the younger generation in search of freedom often find itself trapped and has no other choice than to organize a false ceremony to avoid any problem. In the end, everybody is happy, people found a solution to their problems, and organizers of false marriage prosper. Some companies today employ up to 500 extras against only ten, 10 years ago …



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