Chinese mainland gets first plane restaurant


You usually think that dinner on an airplane can never be as good as your favourite fine dining restaurant, right? Think again! Because the very first fine dining restaurant on an airplane has just been opened in China and guess what? you will be able to enjoy excellent cuisine inside the aircraft! Are you worrying that airsickness will prevent you from enjoying the meal? Don’t be, as you will not leave the ground at all.

This great idea belongs to a Chinese businessman Li Yang, who has spent 35 million Yuan (about $5.2 million) and four months to transform an entire Boing 737 aircraft into Lily Airways, a luxury restaurant in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Say goodbye to pre-packed meals and packaged nuts or snacks that are usually served on many flights; Lily Airways offers its customers a unique experience with an excellent dining menu selection.






Moreover, the wait staffs even wear flight attendant attire to make the experience more authentic, and they are not just a regular wait staffs wearing costumes. Li Yang actually follows strict standards of Chinese airlines in recruiting the teams. They must have an education background related to aircraft service or hotel management. Waiters must have a height of 1.75 meters or above and waitresses must be at least 1.65 meters tall. And if you look for some fun, you can also try the flight simulation service in the cockpit, with just an extra 100 Yuan.The plan can seat 70 people at a time with an average meal costing 200 Yuan ($30). What an incredible restaurant! We just hope the foods in Lily Airways will not suffer from “delay” as on many other airways companies!

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