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You have probably read many articles about how to decorate your house and wonder how to make it look fantastic. Hard work? Think again. Yarinda Bunnag, a Thailand architect from Hypothesis Design Agency, has taken it to a whole new level. She turn abandoned warehouses into unusual places just by decorating them with useless objects, including scaffolding and tree roots.

The prototype restaurant Vivarium, based in Bangkok, won the first price for the “Bars and Restaurants category Inside Festival” last year. The place was an old industrial warehouse. Today this Asian-fusion restaurant has stunning interiors made entirely from discarded objects and plants.






“The project hinges upon two ideas,” Hypothesis design director Bunnag said: “The first is the renovation of an old industrial warehouse. The second is the idea of an inside vivarium, inserting nature into this very harsh, bare industrial warehouse to turn it into a place where people can enjoy eating and gathering.”

According to Hypothesis, most of the interiors and existing structures are untouched, while new structures are painted with new colors to create a distinction look. All the add elements are covered with a rust protection primer, to give them the “brand color” of a Vivarium.

With a limited budget, Hypothesis focuses on adaptability by taking advantages of the objects found on the construction site and transform them into particular decorative elements for Vivarium, from tree roots, branches to broken glass and metal pieces.




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