Saigonese still has few days to enjoy the Korean film festival taking place for the Ho Chi Minh City World Culture Festival – Gyeongju 2017, from 11 November to 3 December.

From November 17 to 22, moviegoers can see for free films of Korean blockbusters at the BHD cinema on the third and fourth floors of the Bitexco Financial Tower District 1. 12 films were selected including 8 Korean and 4 Vietnamese movies produced between 2015 and 2017. The festival aims to promote cultural exchanges between the two countries through the participation of filmmakers, actors, and film industry personnel. In parallel, a free workshop led by Korean filmmakers, about making movies with a smartphone is organized, to encourage young filmmakers in their passion. The best shorts film will be presented to the public on Tuesday evening.



Korean-Vietnamese Film Festival Screenings
  Nov 17 Nov 18 Nov 19 Nov 20 Nov 21 Nov 22
12:00 pm The Tunnel (KOR) The World of Us (KOR) Ash Flower (KOR) The Silenced (KOR)
3:00 pm The Silenced (KOR)

Like an Old House (VIE)

Like for Likes (KOR) The Silenced (KOR)

The Tailor (VIE)

Okja (KOR)
6:00 pm Okja (KOR)

Lost in Paradise (VIE)

Okja (KOR)

The Tailor (VIE)

Assassination (KOR)

Bitcoin Heist (VIE)

Phantom Detective (KOR) Assassination (KOR)
7:00 pm Like for Likes (KOR)
9:00 pm Bitcoin Heist (VIE) Phantom Detective (KOR)

Like an Old House (VIE)

The Tunnel (KOR)

Lost in Paradise (VIE)

The World of Us (KOR)

Smartphone Workshop Showroom




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