One of the most iconic festivals in Hanoi has opened his gates from the 21st January to the 30th January.

77 “Ong do” (calligraphists) participate in the festival and present their creativeness to the guests. Their works drawn with various materials and in different styles are based on famous quotations, guides or poetry, and is for them the way to show a “high respect” to the past. In addition to this annual calligraphy performance, the 2017 Festival also introduces traditional art areas, showcasing traditional products in different fields like porcelain, weaving, paper, folk paintings, woodcarvings, bronze sculptures.

The Calligraphy Exhibition and Festival takes place daily from 8:30 Am to 8:00 Pm. The 30th January, all Festival activities will be extended until 2 pm. Additionally, the 1st and 2nd day of Lunar New Year (28 and 29 January), the Festival will also stay open until 10.00 pm.

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