Last December, Kensuke Miyazaki, a Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker in Japan made worldwide headlines after announcing he would take time out once his wife, also LDP member Megumi Kaneko, gave birth. That was believed to be a first for a male lawmaker in Japan. Paternity vacation is approved but extremely rare, only 2.3 % of men use it.

Criticized by the members of the conservative party he belongs, he was still supported by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. However, Miyazaki’s image as a devoted husband was in tatters after tabloid as a journalist ran an article alleging he had an affair with a bikini model, just six days before Kaneko gave birth to a baby boy. In a further revelation, the lawmaker also had to admit that the model was not the only woman he had cheated on his wife since he marry her in May last year. Full of contrition and tears in his eyes, Kensuke Miyazaki publically apologised and said goodbye to his parliamentary career, but he also reaffirmed his stance on the need for greater male participation in child rearing and hoped to make a comeback soon to the world of politic.

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