Bui Duy is a bee enthusiast and began studying their behavior since 1993.Today, at 41 years old, the man attracts thousands of wild bees to land on his body with only the protection of earplugs and transforms himself into a human hive for about 20 minutes, while moving and talking. This Vietnam native is passionate about beekeeping, bees, hives, honey. The Man is inexhaustible on the subject.  We knows little about these bees. They are neither dangerous nor aggressive, except, of course, if you play in their environment or their hive. Very often we confused them with wasps. Unlike them, who are attracted to your food or beer when you are properly installed on your terrace, bees are self-employed workers who have only one mission: make honey.





There are three types of bees in a hive: the queen, the worker, and the drone.

A hive contains only one queen. She lays up to 2500 eggs a day and can live five years. A hive can hold 70,000 bees.

A working bee lives about 12 months and can fly 20 kilometers per day.

The male is called drone and does not sting. It does not do much either, except to fertilize the queen. At the end of the summer, the bees put him out of the hive… Which just shows, anything possible!




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