The AC, we love it! We love this ventilated freshness invigorating us when we are dripping, but air conditioning can also bring some problems from a runny nose to severe lung infections. Infectious bacteria can penetrate into the air conditioning system, develop themselves in the cooling towers’ ducts and redeploy themselves, causing to people recurrent infections, respiratory failures, and pneumonia. The AC can also cause allergies because the recycled air is super concentrated in allergens, and eyes irritations become a routine for those who wear contact lenses because the air is too dry. You understood it, using air conditioning is often essential in Vietnam, but if you can avoid it sometimes, it’s better.





Some precautions


Respect careful the maintenance of your installation

Make sure the air conditioner’s filters are cleaned regularly or changed or the virus you caught few month ago, will be back again.

Ask to your maintenance to Check if no standing water is left in the AC system. Bacteria multiply quickly under tropical weather.

AC electric consumption is quite important so do not leave your windows open when you use AC and do not let it run in your absence. You’ll do something good for your health, for your wallet but also for the environment!





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