Tea or Coffee in Vietnam? Here is the dilemma as Tea is essential to the Vietnamese culture and appears in almost every social activities from wedding to ritual ceremonies when coffee is also taken seriously with beans coming from all over the word and especially from Vietnam itself, the world’s second-biggest producer after Brazil.

The answer is both are great in Vietnam but maybe should you ask yourself what’s best for your health? And why are some people coffee addict and others ones are mad about tea?

Is it because the first one contains caffeine and the second one contains 2-3 times less then this substance? This elective drink, as we know, is a psychostimulant but can also cause anxiolytic effects plus or less significant for certain people. When we absorb caffeine, it is converted by our liver into a molecule called “Paraxanthine” that acts as an anxiolytic.

Every human being is genetically different, so we do not transform with the same intensity caffeine in Paraxanthine. For the people who drink coffee the anxiolytic effect predominates and, of course, they love coffee because it makes them feel good because it decreases their nervousness. At the opposite, people who don’t transform so much caffeine in Paraxanthine feel the anxiety effects when they drink a bit too much coffee. For them, drinking coffee is not good, they naturally feel it, and turn instinctively for tea that also contains the same molecule as caffeine but not enough to cause tension!


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