The waste treatment plant of the future exists now in HK. The T-Park development blends into coastal hills near the town of Tuen Mun in the north of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong authorities, fully financed the construction of this infrastructure, at a cost estimated at 600 million euros.





The particularity of this factory designed by Claude Vasconi and build by Veolia, apart to looks like with his 360 meters long to a wave, to support three swimming pools and a Spa surrounded by several hectares of green spaces, is to be self-sufficient, eco-friendly with no external supply of water and electricity. Each day, the HKD5 billion plant treats 1,200 tons of sludge from the city’s wastewater treatment plants to avoid it being dumped in Hong Kong’s overflowing landfills. The plant desalinates its seawater and powers itself by the energy created from burning organic waste in a giant sludge incinerator. The T Park development is a project with a multi-purpose facility: Waste of energy – Leisure and Education.






The place welcome:


A  AT · Spa




Supported by the heat energy recovered from the sludge incineration process, the three spa pools indicating hot, ambient and chill temperatures offer seamless sea view of Deep Bay, a perfect place to relax and refresh.



An exhibition hall



The exhibition hall allows visitor to learn about the sludge treatment process through a range of innovative and interactive exhibits



A reinstated sanctuar



Surrounded by trees and shrubs the Sanctory is a home for wildlife and nature including the Little Grebe, kingfishers, water hens, dragonflies and a range of amphibians.



A AT Sky area



Located on the top floor of the Administration Building,  the Sky Area give a panoramic view of the surrounding areas. It also highlights a range of eco-friendly furnishings and upcycling displays.



A  A T Roof



Situated at the top floor of the Environmental Education Centre, the AT Roof give to visitors a quiet outdoor environment and a different perspective view of Deep Bay.






The AT Cofe provide light refreshments and introduces environmental-friendly furniture and utensils.



An A T · Theater



The theatre is equipped with advanced audio, visual and lighting systems running an introductory video of T · PARK continuously which gives visitors an overview of the facility.




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