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Boris, how did you meet David and how is born Sweet B ?

David was mixing for more than ten years before coming to Ho Chi Minh City. When we met he started to initiate me with three other good friends. At that time we used to play in various cool places like Papagayo, the Blanchy’s, The Decibel and some private parties.


Why and how do you work together?

It varies depending on what we want to play, but usually, we play “Back to Back”, so one Track each. Depending of the public and the party, we adapt and let the playground to the one who’s got the best cards.  Playing together allows us to be more responsive; our directory is wider, and we can give more attention to read the public. During moments of doubt, we can have a small meeting, a good brainstorming, and we rework the plans if necessary. If the party is going good, we enjoy it together also!


Why electronic music?

We will try not to trigger the debate! Electronic music has a diversity that seems endless. We spend whole days to discover, listen and understand this universe. Then we try to play it, but it is not always easy!




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What’ s your musical style?

Our musical style would require Arpeggios and very high frequencies for David (he loves when it  crunches !) and a low well-rounded bass sound with some melodies and a little bit of voice for me, but not too much! Let’s say we like both the music that brings emotions, whether of pure joy or darker feeling. If we had to compare it to a color, it would be somewhere between orange and night blue. What pleases us is to be able to mix over extended periods of time between 5 and 7 hours, and if we divide these sets into 3 or 4 parts, they are all quite different.


Do you play with vinyl?

Boris : Using vinyl is like playing with sound as only information, and when you play in these conditions, you are much more focused on the music, and it brings more sense to your sets. Personally, I’m looking for those feelings, and I am looking for the day I will buy my first vinyl!

David: Dj’s hands is, after his ears, the most important part of the body. His dexterity can bring a huge difference to the public’s feelings. Vinyl provides better grip; gestures is more precise and smoother the transitions. By cons, Digital has brought new tools such as Loop or Cue, which provide better effective alternatives to the Tracks. So difficult to have a preference but I would not mind going back to Vinyl after few years of digital. Hope I will find my good old reflexes again! When David started playing with Vinyl, he had small papers to indicate him when to make the transitions. How cool is that ! 


Before playing how do you prepare? Do you have a clear idea about what you are going to play or do you adapt to freestyle in function of the public’s reaction?

David: Our passion for music leads us naturally to look every day for new horizons, new artists, new songs. It’s called “digging” the Internet is a boundless playground allowing us to establish and develop our selections. Before playing, we make a selection of the most apropriated Tracks, but it’s the public’s reactivity and the interaction who guides us into differents styles, different energies.






When you’re on the decks, what happens to you? Are you 100% focused on the control of the machines, do you let yourself a bit overwhelmed by what’s happening, or do you feel some apprehension?

One of our goals is to share with our audience. So we can be pretty anxious depending on the event, the public and the difficulty of the set. We have to stay very focused the first few minutes and then when the dancefloor brings us back some smiles and when a certain symbiosis is geeting established, the pressure drops, and gives more room to excitement and joy, These are the best moments.


Do you have a kind of ideology you are trying to convey? A sound ID, somehow?

Music is a vast field of expression where each finds its preferred paths. The most conformist will walk through the same territories without ever getting tired, others may get lost every time and never regret the experience. It’s in this last area we want to bring our audience. What’s more exciting than having people of all ages coming at the DJ booth stating that they never heard before what we played, and they liked it !


Lately, Saigonella Music Festival  got a great succes on the Saigon Scene, what was your musical program there?

The organizer trusted us and we had « carte blanche » to propose a musical program. We were able to present artists who are not or hardly present on Saigon’s scene. And they gave everything they had that day. That was a great surprise for us and the public.

We tried to build our program around what is called the “Peak Time,” the moment when energy is at its maximum. The artists playing before the Peak Time had to bring the public in the best mood possible for this particular moment. We started the day with NDM, Souk (both from Hong Kong) and Datodeo playing Soul, Disco and Afro-House to motivate the first dancers, which worked very well, then Dimtiri pushed up the energy with some Disco and Nu Disco, who electrified the audience, then Sweet B. (David) and Phonic D. David was behind the decks, while Phonic D. accompanied him with live electronic drums, a tropical selection, and Deep House that brought some rythm to the dancefloor and that was the begginging of our Peak Time! The Seed played a live electronic set produced for the first time, and that was a great success! Then Datodeo, Sweet B. (Boris) and Youss played until 6am while we had to keep the volume low because of the neighborhood, but then NDM and Souk offered a perfect closing set that brought the last dancers until 8:30 am! 






Your best memory of the evening?

David: At the end of my last track, when people saw that was the end, they applauded, and that was amazing! I saw the public’s  happy faces; it never happened to me before, and that was crazy!

Boris: Best memory? There was a lot, but let say the first one was around 21.00 pm, time when Dimitri was on stage, and the atmosphere was perfect. The energy kept rising; I was dancing and Clara my girlfriend joined me, raising her arms and dancing with a big smile. She has been my support throughout this adventure and to see her happy made me feel very proud. Although it was only 21.00 pm, but it was like we already won our bet!

The second memory was when I saw on the main stage’s dancefloor all the Festival’s organizers and volunteers. Some of them were very tired, and we were more than happy to play for them and thank them for what they had brought to Saigonella.


Any wish for a future collaboration ?

David: Back to back with Acid Pauli

Boris: With our local stars here in Saigon!


Where can we find you during the next months?

We will play for the first time at Zuma, and at the end of this month, we will have our cherished residency at Broma. We also had some very good surprises recently, we had the opportunity to play at Piu Piu and at The Observatory, and we will go back there again in the coming weeks !
Everything will be announced on our Facebook page!




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