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For 4 people: 4 Duck Legs – 2 Onions – 4 Shallots – 6 garlic cloves – 5 tbsp of oil – 500 gr of cherry tomatoes – Oregano – Thyme – Salt – Pepper.




Wash the duck legs. Dry them, then salt and pepper them. Chop one onion, 4 cloves of garlic and the three shallots.

Prepare a marinade with these ingredients adding 2 tbsp of oil, some oregano and some thyme. Rub the duck legs with it and leave to macerate for an hour or more if you wish to.

Remove the ingredients of the marinade and brown them in a non-stick frying pan. Take them out then place the marinade in the bottom of the frying pan and set the duck legs on top of it. Cover the pot and lower the heat.

When the ingredients of the marinade turn brown, collect them with a spoon and display a portion of each duck leg. Add some water and making sure for it not to touch the top of the duck. Put the lid back and proceed the cooking with low heat. When the water dries, add some more as many times as necessary. Repeat this operation until the duck becomes soft. Count some three hours.

In a separate pot, put three tbsp of oil, the other onion chopped into rings, and the two remaining garlic cloves also cut into pieces. Add the cherry tomatoes cut in two, a little thyme and a little oregano. Salt, pepper, cover and cook until obtaining a purée. The latter needs not to be too fine. Check the seasoning. You can add a pinch of sugar if the tomato sauce remains sour. Add some little water, take to a boil over low heat then turn the fire off.

Serve the duck legs surrounded with this sauce and some Gratin Dauphinois, baked potatoes or some white rice.

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