Ho Chi Minh Transport Department has released a new app, called TTGT TpHCM, showing the traffic situation in the city to avoid jam points. Moreover, it also indicates parking lots and public toilets, which makes it become a must-have tool for everyone.

The app is available in both Apple store and Google Play store. By collecting information about the traffic condition through real-time photos recorded by over 300 street cameras across the city, the central system automatically analyzes road’s images to give a warning: traffic jam (red), slow traffic (yellow) and average traffic (blue). In other words, the app will keep you update about the traffic conditions anytime, anywhere and help us to choose the appropriate way.





Some of you may think that with a huge city like Ho Chi Minh City, there is no way that 300 cameras can cover every road, right? Don’t worry; it is just one collecting method of the system. The Transport Department also take advantage of cameras installed in registered cars in the city, as well as others camera systems who belong to the transport department. On top of that, this app helps you to calculate the shortest distance and travel time as well as providing you information about traffic infrastructures, parking lots, free parking areas, public toilets and is even able to give you information about the weather. Traffic jam has always been a nightmare for everyone in Saigon, especially in the rush hours. Though the app is not able to solve this problem, it can at leas show you the best way to go!

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