DJs or electronic music creators are usually accustomed to remain stashed behind their turntables or computer wich does not allow them to an interaction with the public who can not most of the time associate the gesture of the Dj, to the music played.

A French start-up Velliot, created a revolutionary glove dedicated to musicians and DJs replacing keyboards.

Specktr is equipped with many sensors concealed in the textile part of gloves, multiplying all the fingers positions with all the hand’s possibilities of movement. There are over 1,500 control possibilities, and figures are doubled when wearing a glove on each hand.

On the back, a detachable box gathers and interprets any hand movements and allows it to connect to music apps on a smartphone, a tablet or computer via Bluetooth.





Specktr is already compatible with hundreds of music applications, such as Ableton Live, Garage Band, or Edjing. It allows the musician or the DJ to interact with their favorite software as if they pressed keyboard keys, or turning mix table’s knobs.

Specktr gloves are proposed in several sizes and two versions: one for the general public around $ 200 and a version for professionals, equipped with even more features around $ 300.

You can get them already on KissKissBankBank, and they will be officially on sale in March 2017.



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