The Durian, the famous exotic fruit with a strong smell of cheese, will be send soon in space. Indeed, a Thai project plans to launch it into orbit to explore his potential as food space. “In the future, we want astronauts to be able to eat Thai food,” said a spokesman for the Thai Development Agency for Geoinformatics and Space Technologies (GISTDA).
In Asia, people can not do without Durians. Thais, like Chinese or Vietnamese, love it, but its characteristic smell of cheese makes it a forbidden fruit in public transport, lift, hotels, airplanes, etc. However, according to its fans, the durian would have a taste of hazelnuts, almonds, cheese and cognac with a texture both creamy and greasy. The choice of the durian for a confined space such as a station or a space shuttle could therefore surprise … Why inflict such a torment to the passengers?





Be reassured, the durian will be dried, vacuum packed in a metal box also containing various Thai rice and will only stay five minutes in space after its launch. With Asia catching up in space programs, menus must diversify. In 2008, the first South Korean astronaut Yi So-Yeon to board the International Space Station (ISS) brought “kimchi”, a Korean dish of chili and fermented vegetables also studied for its compatibility with the gastronomy in space.



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