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Japan is growing in ageing population but the nation is also facing a large number of ageing pets. They say all dogs go to heaven, but the last years before those darling’s life swing can be tough. In Japan, where the number of pets (20 millions) is higher than the number of children (16 millions), nursing homes for elderly dogs expands. For senior citizens, it’s hard to take care of them. Some people choose to put them to sleep when they are too old or sick but some also decide to place them in a particular nursing home. In Tokyo, theses sanctuaries expand and pamper pets to live their final days in the lap of luxury. Roken Honpo is one of this nursing home. Mie Kawaguchi and her team are responsible for around ten elderly dogs. The staff takes care of differents kind of diseases, from Alzheimer’s to bone diseases, digestive problems and failing eyesight. A local veterinarian regularly checks up on the dogs who are provided with loving care in their final days. The price depends on the dog size, for a mid-sized pet, it’s around 75,000 yen ($660) per month.


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